We use tanks of different capacities and materials for liquids resulting from washing, rinsing, food preparation or any pre-treatment.

Contaminated liquids during the manufacturing process cannot be returned to nature without pre-treatment. These liquids contain chemicals, oils or detergents.

Thanks to the pre-treatment tanks, grease, oil, petroleum, clay, sand, mud and other substances are prevented from entering the sewer system. The designs of the tanks vary according to the customers’ applications.

Waste Oils not only cause clogging of pipes and mechanical problems in the sewage system, but also cause bad odors along with hygienic problems.

It also impairs the sludge settling properties and subsequently the effluent parameters, causing problems for the entire treatment process in wastewater treatment plants.

Oil Holders and Separators; It is used to capture and remove oil from waste water in food/meat processing facilities, cafes/restaurants, shopping malls, sites, industrial facilities and many other areas to protect sewage systems and equipment.

As Yongrad®, these products are; It is made of polypropylene, polyethylene and stainless steel.

Solid Oil Separator

They are designed and manufactured according to DIN 4040, EN 1825 norms. Animal fats and oils are decomposed. Our products are made of polypropylene (PP), high density polyethylene (HDPE) and stainless steel (AISI 304). Oil / grease to be taken with Oil Separator; are vegetable (vegetable) and / or animal derived substances which are partially or completely insoluble in water and saponable, having a density of less than 0.95 g / cm3…

Oil and Level Sensors

Oil level sensors designed by Labkotec which we are distributor according to EN 858-1 and 2 and PPG3 norms; The oil is alarmed by the excessive level of accumulated oil in the separation tanks, helping to prevent environmental crudeness and reducing waste management amplitudes…

Oil Scraper

Used for scraping heavy oils in coolant and rinsing water applications. It carries harmful oil that causes the reproduction of bacteria and destroys the cooling liquid. separates the oil in the water by not using the parts…

Neutralization Tank

It is used to neutralize the condensed water formed in condensate combi boilers and boilers in the chemical liquid waste released in laboratories. Chemical wastewater must be reduced and disposed of at the discharge values ​​determined by local institutions…

Lamelli Precipitation Tank

Laminated tanks are used for the separation of solid particles floating in liquid. Generally, particles of 50 microns and larger are separated spontaneously in the water, but smaller particles are agglomerated by chemical dosing…