Chemical Storage and Transport Tanks,

Design and Manufacturing of Tank Liners

They are produced from different materials such as PP, HD-PE, PVC, PVDF according to the chemical to be stored or transported. It is designed according to DVS 2205 and EN 12573 standards and ensures chemical resistant and permanent integrity.

As Yongrad®, all of our tanks are designed and manufactured in international standards under strict quality control with German design programs, plastic materials and machinery.

Tanks are produced for a long period of use in a wide range from 5 liters to 100,000 liters in accordance with the customer’s process or use area.

Fabrication Plastic Tank Advantages:

• Chemical resistance

• Corrosion / Rust resistance

• High strength / low weight

• Low maintenance cost

• Good impact resistance

• Hygienic / food-grade options

• Durability, durability and longevity

• Special manufacturing according to the project

• Easy shipment and installation

Tanks can be produced in different variations according to their purpose and requirements. Rectangular tanks, cylindrical tanks, base conical tanks, non-CTP coated inner shirt tanks, steel skeleton plastic tanks Dik