Air Collectors

Duct systems used to remove / transport air in the chemical environment; It is produced as circular and rectangular. PP, PVC, HDPE, stainless materials such as standard sizes or are manufactured according to your project.          .     

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Biofiltration is an air pollution control technology that utilizes microorganisms that break down other volatile air pollutants contained in biological odors and waste air currents. During the biofiltration process, the polluted air is pumped through the biological filter filler material. Foul odorous particles in the air are adsorbed onto...

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Wet bench

Wet benches are used in semiconductor manufacturing, and typically contain multiple tanks for processing through various chemicals and etching. These benches are typically found in clean rooms and are required to meet certain safety and manufacturing standards. Plastic wet benches meet these standards and are made using Polypropylene (PP),...

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Dozlama Üniteleri

In many processes, chemicals need to be added to produce a product that can be used in consumption or industrial applications. As Yongrad®, we design and manufacture package dosing units including storage tanks, pumps and accessories to ensure stability in consumption in your chemical processes. Thanks to the package...

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Lamelli Precipitation Tank

Laminated tanks are used for the separation of solid particles floating in liquid. Generally, particles of 50 microns and larger are separated spontaneously in the water, but smaller particles are agglomerated by chemical dosing. The water, which is the particles, is passed through a set of coverslip that has...

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