In many processes, chemicals need to be added to produce a product that can be used in consumption or industrial applications.

As Yongrad®, we design and manufacture package dosing units including storage tanks, pumps and accessories to ensure stability in consumption in your chemical processes.

Thanks to the package dosage units, the liquid or granular chemicals are diluted and brought to the desired concentrations and sent to the relevant location by means of pumps.

As Yongrad®, we design and manufacture complete units that contain all the components necessary to ensure a safe working system.


Some dosing units we manufacture:
• Polyelectrolyte Dosing Unit

• Hydrochloric Acid – HCl Dosing Unit

• Caustic – NaoH Dosing Unit

• Ferrous Chloride – FeCl3 Dosing Unit

• Sodium Metabisulfate – Na2S2O5 Dosing Unit

• Iron Sulphate – FeSO4 Dosing Unit

• Aluminum Sulfate – Al2 (SO4) 3 Dosing Unit

• Calc – Ca (OH) 2 Preparation and Dosing Unit

• Barium Cluster – BaCl2 Dosing Unit

• Hydrogen Peroxide – H2O2 Dosing Unit

• Chlorine – Cl Dosing Unit


Accessories for dosing units:

• They are made of materials such as solid PP, HDPE

• Transparent level gauges or magnetic level gauges

• Acid vapor absorbing unit

• Dosing pumps

• Manual or automatic water, air and acid filling valves

• Safety tank against spills outside the tank

• Fast or slow-speed mixer for mixing

• Crusher or router in the filling chamber

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