Laminated tanks are used for the separation of solid particles floating in liquid. Generally, particles of 50 microns and larger are separated spontaneously in the water, but smaller particles are agglomerated by chemical dosing.

The water, which is the particles, is passed through a set of coverslip that has a certain rising angle, so that sedimentation / precipitation occurs. This method is several times more effective than simple precipitation processes.

The mounting of the lamella blocks can be done rectangular or circular. The body of the tanks and the coverslip parts are made of plastic, skeleton part of iron and epoxy painted.

The models we offer as standard; 1 / 1,6 / 2,5 / 4/6/8/10 / 15m2. We also manufacture tanks of special sizes according to the needs.


• Provides a more effective sedimentation in less space than conventional settling tanks.

• It is easier to maintain as it has no moving parts.

• It has lower investment cost thanks to its compact design.

• Short circuit problems do not occur because the current is homogeneous.

Usage areas:

• Energy production facilities

• Wastewater facilities

• Drinking water facilities