Yongrad supply a wide range of automatic process plant systems.

As well as standard anodising, electro-plating, phosphate cleaning and etching equipment.

We focus on plant and equipment being engineered for according to competitive requirements.


Features implemented to Improve aesthetic appearance include:

Designed for minimal maintenance.

Equipment is easy to keep clean.

Transporter motors are high quality, requiring minimal inspections.

Lifting is via plastic webbing belts – no need to lubricate and no corrosion.

Transporter designed to ensure maintenance is accessible and safe to carry out.

Equal priority given to access for maintenance as well as operator access.


Automation of the Process Line Systems controlled via a PLC and computer HMI software systems are purposely designed for the surface finishing industry. Numerous features including traceability up to NADCAP standard and allows users to input and interrogate information to any level required.

System can be interfaced with the clients’ network allowing remote interrogation and can be connected for text and SMS messaging. Inputting new process sequences are simple menu systems.

Parts are stored in a library which include a photograph of the part of how it should be mounted on to jigs. Barcode entry is also a common feature to eliminate human error.


The Future of Automatic Process Lines:

Automatic transporter process lines have been around for 50 years however Yongrad have been moving things further with automation of processes only previously carried out manually.

Sophisticated analysis equipment and automatic dosing maintain chemistry in equilibrium.

Ensures consistency of processing and process specification compliance.

Part rotation can be implemented.

Automated emptying and filling systems, eliminating the need for transporting hazardous chemicals around site and stopping the dangerous practice of manually adding chemicals into the tanks.


Good engineering is a top priority for Yongrad.

Simplicity of design and eliminating unnecessary complication whilst at the same time considering equipment longevity has led to numerous improvements

Continuing value analysis in the design allows for significant improvements whilst at the same time reduces maintenance and risk of failures.

Leading to a reduction in costs thus increasing value to our customers.