Gases released in chemical reactions and processes are generally harmful to human health and need to be treated and reduced to certain limits.

This treatment is carried out with different types of gas scrubber units. Gas scrubbers carry out the cleaning process by physical and chemical methods.

Depending on the place of use, the process and the resulting gas, these units may have different types and capacities.

The scrubbers we offer you are correctly sized to achieve high performance and low emission values and are completed with the necessary basic equipment (pump, fan).

In addition, as Yongrad, we provide you with the automatic automation of pH, conductivity, temperature and level controls.

Application Areas of Gas Washers:

– Ammonia reduction
– Reduction of chemical pollutants
– Pretreatment for biological filters
– Deodorization
– Purification of air in drying plants
– Air purification in treatment plants
– Air humidification
– Smoke reduction
– Foundries
– Metal coating systems
– Chemical plants
– Paint plants

Key Features of Gas Washers:

– 99% efficiency is achieved depending on the process.
– It can be manufactured from materials such as PP, HDPE, PVC, PVDF and stainless.
– They are designed for aggressive and corrosive compounds.
– They require very little maintenance.
– Functional, safe and fully automated.