Chemical Tank

We manufacture chemical tanks from plastic or metal materials for different processes and industries. We produce circular and rectangular tanks; storage of aggressive chemicals; drinking water; wastewater treatment;

Infrastructure Products

We use tanks in different capacities and materials for liquids resulting from washing, rinsing, food preparation or any pretreatment. Contaminated liquids in the manufacturing process cannot be returned to the environment without pre-treatment. These liquids contain chemicals, oils or detergents.

Process Equipment

Yongrad® vision is to be your wet processing equipment manufacturer of choice. We will accomplish this goal By offering our customer superior products and service, keeping up with the latest technology, while offering competitive rates.

Chemical Waste Gas

Hazardous or disturbing air currents are generated in manufacturing or treatment processes, and as Yongrad® we manufacture products and systems for their disposal. Chemical Waste All of our products in the gas group are made of plastic or stainless steel to resist corrosion and corrosive chemicals.