Yongrad® vision is to be your wet processing equipment manufacturer of choice. We will accomplish this goal … By offering our customer superior products and service, keeping up with the latest technology, while offering competitive rates. By backing all of our equipment with a full warranty and offering customers personal design, installation, start-up, training, and service.

By fostering a team spirit among our employees, encouraging open communication, idea sharing, innovation, design, and creativity to provide a positive work environment for a more productive workforce and quality products.

Wet bench

Wet benches are used in semiconductor manufacturing, and typically contain multiple tanks for processing through various chemicals and etching. These benches are typically found in clean rooms and are required to meet certain safety and manufacturing standards. Plastic wet benches meet these standards and are made using Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF), […]

Dozlama Üniteleri

In many processes, chemicals need to be added to produce a product that can be used in consumption or industrial applications. As Yongrad®, we design and manufacture package dosing units including storage tanks, pumps and accessories to ensure stability in consumption in your chemical processes. Thanks to the package dosage units, the liquid or granular […]

Neutralization Tank

It is used to neutralize the condensed water formed in condensate combi boilers and boilers in the chemical liquid waste released in laboratories. Chemical wastewater must be reduced and disposed of at the discharge values ​​determined by local institutions. Working Principle of Tank: The most common and economical method for the neutralization process is to […]